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As a Labor Doula, we will plan to meet twice before your labor and go over what you would like to do for your birth.  After you write up a birth plan or wish list, we can talk about what we will plan to do at your birth. 

I will attend your labor and birth.  I will come to your home if you would like during part of your early labor before you choose to head for the hospital. (There will be an additional fee of $25.00 for trips to the hospital that are false labor and they send us back home.)

I will stay with you after the birth for approximately one to two hours, until you get settled into your room and if you wish, will help encourage you to establish early breastfeeding.

I will do one postpartum visit, usually about one week after the birth, at your home.  We may talk about your birth, and go over how things went.  I would like your assessments on what I did to help you and your birth team.  We may also talk about breastfeeding and the newborn time with baby. 

I will be available for phone contact during the time before delivery and to help give support and information after delivery in the first few weeks at home.

 Other Services:

I have been trained as a Lactation Educator, and would be happy to help encourage a breastfeeding relationship between you and your new baby. 

            I help teach a Natural Childbirth class, and we can arrange for a class or can do private classes at your home for a small fee. 

            I would love to do Belly Casting:

and if you are game to have a 3D image of your beautiful pregnant belly and would like help, Id love to be involved.  What a cool memory to keep of the home where you grew your baby under your heart!

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