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"I am so grateful to have had Wendy there when Molly was born.  She brought such comfort and reassurance to both my husband and me before, during and after delivery.  I loved how she knew so many ways to ease the tension and pain – she helped us laugh almost the whole way through labor. 

Wendy helped us by using various techniques, including massage, aromatherapy, and a great sense of humor.  She helped us understand what the hospital staff were telling us and make informed decisions when we were facing tough choices about our birth experience – she helped us make the right choices for our new family.  Wendy also helped me find excellent resources in the area for pregnancy and post partum support.  Because I chose Wendy, I was able to form a network of people to help me deal with some of the more trying issues of new motherhood.  She is so knowledgeable and has a great network of resources to share. 

Wendy’s greatest skill was putting people at ease and making them feel comfortable.  It was so nice to have someone professional to support us during a very emotional experience.  She took the pressure and confusion out of the experience and helped us to emphasize the joy and excitement.

Thanks for being there to help welcome the newest and most precious part of our family."  Jorie

"Wendy was an indispensable part of my birth team!  Her experience with previous births gave me a huge boost of confidence, which was just what I needed being a first time mom.  She was emotionally supportive, and she created a gentle and safe atmosphere in the hospital room that allowed my husband and me to completely relax and focus on our birth. " Katie H.

"Wendy is an excellent doula!  Aside from her knowledge of labor and birth, she has the two most important skills I think a doula should have: good listening & empathy.  She really pays attention to her client’s preferences and internalizes that information, and she clearly has compassion for the laboring mother.  And her sense of humor helps, too.  I love having women around when I birth, and she was perfect!  She reassured me and supported me emotionally,  motivated me to try new activities/positions, sympathized with my complaints and knew just how to massage my back and temples.  It’s great to have someone there with all those “tricks” up their sleeve, to take the pressure off your spouse, and just for another set of hands." Jen B.

"This is second nature to Wendy.  I do completely recommend her to my friends."  Diana S.

"Wendy is obviously a very caring person and it showed in how she helped me through the labor.  Her kind words and gentle touch seemed a natural part of the process.  Everything came from the heart, not rehearsed."  Dan and Elisa G.

"Wendy was an important part of my labor and birth.  I needed courage when things got tough and she readily granted it.  She reminded me about what to do and what not to do.  She talked me through all the tough decisions we eventually had to make.  My husband appreciated her for her objectivity and guidance.  She took a lot of time researching my specific needs and how to help.  She was great."  Stephanie B.


"Wendy was very patient with me when I was in a lot of pain.  She gave great suggestions and didn't get angry if I forgot to follow them.  Wendy also made it very easy for the adoptive family to participate and feel comfortable." Wendee L.

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